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The recently announced budget hasn't stood much up to the anticipation of the much-awaiting masses. With the finance minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee, in his 110 minute budget speech not been so forgiving as far as the home space is concerned, realty developers as well as the prospective home buyers are still waiting for a relief as far as property prices as well as Home Loan Floating Rates are concerned.


Absence of any budgetary relief in the property prices is topped with pricey home loans, often marred by stringent terms and conditions. Even as the fiscal situation tightens, RBI is finding it a tad difficult to trim interest rates, thus leaving no headway for any drop in the bank interest rates. Such a grim scenario in sight may often dishearten prospective house finance borrowers as well as realty developers on account of inventory being unsold. Property prices are scaling astronomical heights, however, so is not the case with the salary structure of the masses.

Often, people looking for new accommodation hold their heads in disbelief the moment they are confronted with the property price tags, much beyond their expectations. However, for those whose desires and aspirations have outgrown their rented or old accommodation, whose definition of growth doesn't comply with their current living/residential standards, there are always such financial institutions which are ready to offer financial assistance to the 'growth charters', prospective home buyers, in this case, on easy terms and conditions.


Realizing the increasing aspirations of the home-hunters as well as their growing 'UN-affordability', given the rising property prices, financial institutions are rolling out new home financing plans, almost every other day, packed with attractive features in order to woo the customers, and ease them of their property worries. In such a scenario, something upon which prospective home buyers are heavily banking upon and which has gained maximum momentum is Home Loan.


Such a financial product has indeed become a need in order to realize the dreams of owning a new home - even liquor baron Vijay Mallya once applied for a home finance! The home financing/owning saga doesn't just stop here! Competing home finance vendors may offer assistance at attractive rates and features; it is up to the loan applicant to apply his wisdom while researching the best home finance vendor.


However, things get pretty easy and seem to be clear when it comes to HDFC home loans that come with easy loan processing and/or repayment options, EMIs and other such features which are generally customized based on the applicant's eligibility as determined by the bank. Apart from the regular purpose, loans can be procured for renovation, conversion, extension etc. based on the customer's needs. Step by step assistance to the loan applicants, supported by the presence of in house experts is also something HDFC is famous for.


Initial counseling helps inspire confidence among customers thereby allaying their doubts and helping them make better housing loan decisions without any iota of confusion. Easy application, faster processing and speedy approval/disbursal is the hallmark HDFC housing loans. HDFC services are synonymous to speed, ease and conveniences, enabling the customers realize their dream of acquiring their dream property.


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